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Basina - island Hvar
is a small place of about 140 houses (mostly summer houses). It is located on the northern side of the Island of Hvar, 7 km away from Jesla, 7 km from Stari Grad and 3 km from Vrbovska. By sea, it is at an equal distance from Jelsa, Vrbovska and Bol on the Island of Brac (approximately 3 nautical miles), which makes it suitable for small boats and skimmers. This area offers a possibility of a real vacation without cars or too many tourists. Basina is located within three beautiful coves. You can choose to bathe at the gravel beach, sunbathe on the flat stone surfaces or dive off the cliffs into the sea. This area is very interesting for surfers (especially the beginners).

is an amazing and very famous island. Its nature paints one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Mediterranean. The climate is pleasant and healthy, the area clean and unpolluted. It is known for the intense and flagrant scent of lavender, rosemary and heather, as well as for the clearness and the azure color of the sea. The underworld of the sea is magical, and the everyday life of the people lively and cheerful. Its ancient and famous history, well-known Renaissance poets, the first civic theater in Europe, an attractive urban nature (some say even a woman’s nature), its cultural and artistic heritage, give the Island of Hvar a special charm. Hvar has the longest tradition of organized tourism in Croatia. Its people are witty and charming and cherish a great feeling of love for their town. Hvar is also known for its great, magical power to impress and forever capture the heart of anyone who sets a foot on this marvelous island.


Apartments Basina - island Hvar

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