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Apartments in Split Croatia

Omiš Dalmacija
Split Croatia
Diocletian palace
Peristil Split Croatia
Split is not only an urban, cultural and traffic centre of Dalmatia with road and sea connections to Dalmatia's numerous summer resorts, but it is itself often a tourist and excursionists destination. A city with a 1700-year old tradition, a variety of archaeological, historical and cultural monuments, among which the well-known Palace of Diocletian, inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List, certainly occupies a special position, and the warmth and offer of a modern Mediterranean city. The first detailed tourist guide through the town and its surroundingsSplit is a major sports centre (the 1979 Mediterranean Games) with many famous and popular sports clubs and competitors. There are also many sports facilities for recreational purposes. The sports offer includes almost all types of water and other sports, from football, basketball and tennis to mountain climbing and rifle-shooting, water skiing and rowing.
Split has a variety of restaurants and wine cellars, offering domestic specialities. There are many beaches and public beaches in the city and its surroundings, the most popular of them being Bacvice, a sand beach almost in the very heart of the town.

Accommodation in Split

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Contact:       Bozidar Svagusa      Address:  Sirisceviceva 9,
Tel.:        00385(0)91 595 26 00                   21000 Split
Accommodation:   Apartment (3)


Contact: Renata Prizmic       Address: Velebitska 114,  
Tel.: 00385(0)91/89 282 53                  21000 Split
Accommodation:   2 X Apartment (4+1)


Kontakt: Suzy Kraljevic         Address: Bihacka 13, 
Tel.: 00385(0)98 9259749                  21000 Split
Accommodation:   Apartment (4+1)


Contact:       Jagoda Svalina           Address:  Manuska Poljana 13,
Tel.:       00385(0)959032044                    21000 Split Croatia
Accommodation: Apartment (2)


Contact:        Simoni                               Address:  Na Toc 4,
Tel.:       00385(0)21488479                    21000 Split Croatia
Accommodation:  5 X Room (2)   2 X Room (3)


Contact:       Igor Mateljan               Address:  Rudera Boskovica 7,
Mob:       00385(0)98-360326                    21000 Split Croatia
Accommodation: Apartment (4)


Contact:       Neven Elezovic                       Address:  K.Toncica 6,
Mob:       00385(0)915133051                    21000 Split
Accommodation: Apartment (3/4)


Kontakt:       Ivana Jelavic                 Address:  Klaiceva poljana 1/3,
Mob:       00385(0)918876117                    21000 Split
Accommodation: Apartment 2+1  Room (2)


Contact:       Milica Males                        Address:  Bosanska 9,
Mob:       00385(0)95/826-6465                      21000 Split
Accommodation: Apartment 3


Contact:       Sanja Vukoja                       Address: Babina 14,
Mob:       00385(0)98 1620509                    21000 Split
Accommodation: Studio-App 2+2


Contact:       Jagoda Mestrovic             Address:  Vickotina 2,
Mob:       00385(0)91/5247885                     21000 Split
Accommodation: Apartment 2/3


Contact:       Nikse Kedzo                    Address: Periciceva 20,
Mob:       00385(0)91 3909411                    21000 Split
Accommodation: App 3


Contact:       Kristina Vidan                Address: Ul.slobode 24a,
Mob:       00385(0)91 5051-125                    21000 Split
Accommodation:   Apartment  2+1


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