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Omiš Dalmacija Baska Voda

Baska Voda used to be a fishermen's, farmers' and merchants' settlement. Today it is a modern tourist centre, offering clear sea, beautiful beaches with pine woods, high quality hotels and ex cellent restaurants. Fresh air from Biokovo Mountain adds to the charm of this region. The first tourist facility in Baska Voda was opened by the Sikavica brothers in the thirties; it was Hotel Sl avija, which was in 1936 awarded with a medal from London. After the Second World War, new hotels we-re built, tourism got much incentive and has rece-ntly become the major economic se ctor in Baska Voda. Today, apart from the sea and the sun, bathing and pleasant walks, histori- cal monuments and a museum, Baska Voda offers attractive cultural and entertainment progra- ms. Very interesting are religious feasts - especially the Good Friday procession (which proceeds through all villages in the municipality, 15 km), St. Nicholas' Day (patron of Baska Voda, 6th of December). The festival of harmony-singing groups of the Makarska littoral is held on St. Lawre- nce's Day (10th of August). Visitor opportunities include various sports and recreational activities (tennis, football, handball, table tennis, miniature golf, fishing, hiking, etc.). Entertainment opportunities in the evening and night hours include various programs in bars, discoth- eques and on summer terraces. A number of restaurants and inns offer local specialities. Attractive excursions are also organized. Interesting are walks in the region under Biokovo Mountain, to the hamlets of Bast and Topici, famous for home-made cheese, prosciutto and home-made bread ("ispod peke"). Easy trails are those leading to Promajna and the fishermen's hamlet of Bratus, a fine example of profane architecture.


Apartments in Baska Voda

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