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Apartments Privlaka Croatia

Omiš DalmacijaPrivlaka

PRIVLAKA, a small town on the south-eastern coast of the Privlaka Bay
 opposite of the island of Vir, 7 km northwest of Nin. Economy is based 
on farming, viticulture, livestock breeding and tourism. Northwest of 
the town is a large sand beach with small woods. Privlaka is located on 
the regional road Zadar - Nin - Vir island. The broader area of Privlaka w
as populated as early as the prehistoric times (Illyrian tumuli, Roman in
scriptions). The mediaeval settlement was devastated by the Turks in 
1570. The pre-Romanesque church of St. Vitus, built on an Illyrian grave-
mound, has been preserved until today. Early Croatian remains (small chur
ches) are also found in the surroundings.Privlaka, 700-odd years old, was 
once famous for fishing and sand extraction. Today it is a tourist resort, w
hich offers very good opportunities for family vacations. In the vicinity of Privlaka is a large complex of weekend
houses known as Sabunike. 

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Apartments in Privlaka

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